Explorer Yachts for Sale

Designed to traverse further than any other yacht, explorer yachts represent a thrilling category that combines luxury with the capability to explore the world’s most remote destinations. Specifically designed to venture off the beaten path, explorer yachts offer unparalleled capabilities for long-range cruising and exploration. Distinguishable from traditional motor yachts, what sets explorer yachts apart is their robust construction, advanced technology, and innovative features that ensure both comfort and safety in rugged conditions. In addition to featuring a sturdy steel or aluminium hull, explorer yachts offer a higher crew capacity for specialist members, vast storage space for autonomy out at sea and transatlantic range at a decent speed.

Expedition Yachts for Sale

 One of the most iconic explorer yachts remains the 126-metre Octopus owned by the late Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Able to host a crew of up to 50, she offers an extensive range of amenities, including two helicopters and a submarine and is broadly seen as the world’s biggest explorer yacht. Several shipyards specialise in building explorer yachts today, including Damen, Oceanco, Lürssen, and Feadship. Leveraging their expertise in naval architecture, engineering, and building, these yards offer semi-custom and custom explorer yachts that can withstand the harshest conditions while offering exceptional comfort and luxury. The perfect vessel for those searching for adventure, an explorer yacht will take you out into the unknown in complete style and safety.


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