Monaco Grand Prix Superacht Charter

The Monaco Grand Prix Superyacht Charter is an exclusive experience that allows guests to watch the Formula One race from the comfort of a luxurious yacht. The charter takes place in the beautiful Port Hercules of Monaco, providing a stunning backdrop to the exhilarating race. Guests will enjoy a fivestar experience with a private chef and crew to ensure that every detail of the charter is taken care of. This yacht charter organised by experienced local brokers from NEXT Yachting is a unique and unforgettable experience that guarantees an unforgettable day of fun and excitement.

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    As a boutique luxury yacht company, our team strives to provide the finest standards of service that always exceed our clients’ expectations. Listening to our clients’ demands and then making the seemingly impossible happen sets us apart. Begin your NEXT Yachting adventure now on a yacht charter during the Monaco F1 race. You deserve the best!

    The Grand prix is the most well-attended event hosted by Monaco, and it takes place every year on the third weekend of May. Booking a luxury charter yacht in advance with NEXT Yachting is highly suggested during this time due to the high demand for a berth in Port Hercule.

    Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter

    Port Hercule isn’t the only place where you can hire a private yacht; you can also anchor off the coast of Monaco or participate in a superyacht hospitality package with like-minded people.

    The occasion is also ideal for extending a yacht charter holiday on the French Riviera, giving passengers additional time to discover the stunning coasts of the Mediterranean.

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