14 to 25 May 2024

The Cannes Film Festival, a true ode to cinematic art, transforms the namesake city into a global hub of glamour and creativity every year. Bringing together the biggest movie stars, visionary directors, and passionate cinephiles, this event celebrates the diversity and excellence of the seventh art. From dazzling red carpets to screenings of iconic films, Cannes offers an unforgettable experience where the magic of cinema blends with the excitement of the Croisette. Between discovering new talents and honoring masterpieces, the Cannes Film Festival remains an unmissable rendezvous.


23 to 25 May 2024

The Monaco Grand Prix represents the pinnacle of Formula 1 racing, blending speed and talent at the heart of one of the world’s most iconic locations. Taking place on the narrow and winding streets of Monte Carlo, this race demands precision and daring from drivers as they navigate a circuit lined with barriers and spectators. With a rich history dating back to 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix attracts motorsport enthusiasts and celebrities alike, creating an atmosphere that resonates throughout the principality. From the roar of engines echoing off the cliffs to the unmatched views of yachts in the harbor, the Monaco Grand Prix remains an unparalleled spectacle.


17 to 21 June 2024

The Cannes Lions is much more than just an advertising and creativity festival. It’s an annual gathering where the brightest minds in the industry come together to celebrate innovation, boldness, and excellence in marketing communication. At the heart of the magnificent city of Cannes, this festival provides an international platform for agencies, brands, and creatives from around the world to share their most innovative ideas and push the boundaries of creativity. From the most inspiring advertising campaigns to stimulating discussions about the future of the industry, Cannes Lions remains an essential event where inspiration and collaboration take center stage, shaping the landscape of global communication.


4 July to 6th July 2024

The Monaco Jumping is an elite equestrian event that combines sport, prestige, and elegance in a sumptuous setting. Held at the heart of the Principality, this event draws the world’s top riders for exciting competitions and high-level equestrian performances. With the magnificent Monaco harbor as a backdrop and the glamour of the Riviera setting the tone, the Monaco Jumping offers an unforgettable experience!


4, 14, 22 July / 7,15, 24 August

The Cannes Pyrotechnic Festival illuminates the sky with spectacular fireworks displays, turning the city’s nights into magical spectacles of light and color. Held annually along the Cannes coastline, this festival brings together pyrotechnic artists from around the world to showcase their creativity and expertise in crafting breathtaking shows. Against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea and the iconic silhouette of the Croisette, the Cannes Pyrotechnic Festival offers a truly magical experience for both residents and visitors.