Azimut yachts for sale

Leading design, innovation, and craftsmanship with an eye for expertise are all signature hallmarks from leading yacht builder Azimut.

Azimut yachts: price, specifications and more

Founded in 1969 by Paolo Vitello in Italy, the yard was acquired by shipbuilding company Benetti in 1985, becoming part of the Azimut-Benetti Group. Renowned for its composite yacht construction expertise, Azimut offers a wide variety of yachts and pleasure vessels that vary in size from 10 metres up to 35 metres in length. With its distinct style and flair, Azimut is one of the market leaders of smaller luxury yachts, with new models such as Verve 42 and Magellano 66 launching recently.


Azimut s10

When it comes to yachts built by the Azimut yard, none are more prestigious than the Azimut S10. The Azimut S10 is a beautiful motor yacht that exemplifies the Italian shipyard’s vision of a high-performance racing boat with all the amenities of a classic vessel.

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Azimut 32m

When added to the already impressive lineup of motor boats from the Azimut yard, the Azimut 32M stands out as a true beauty. This 32-meter vessel is the epitome of high speed and luxury, and it was built with the sole purpose of cruising the wide seas in style.

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Azimut 35m

The Azimut 35M exemplifies the Azimut yard’s dedication to quality, tradition, and workmanship in a high-performance luxury yacht. She is 35 meters in length and features a façade designed by Italian architect Stefano Righini.

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Azimut S6

One of the leading sportfly models from Azimut, the Azimut S6 combines innovative design and bold styling for a sophisticated, high-speed and thrilling performance experience.

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Azimut Magellano 25

The flagship model of Azimut’s Magellano Line, the Azimut Magellano 25, represents the pinnacle, where state-of-the-art innovations meet a timeless and traditional design.

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Azimut Grande 27M

The Azimut Grande 27 Metri from Azimut is sure to turn heads wherever she goes, thanks to her unique widebody concept.

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Azimut 86S

One of the most popular sports yachts from leading Italian builder Azimut, the Azimut 86S seamlessly blends performance and luxury into one elegant, sporty vessel.

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Azimut Magellano 30

The Azimut Magellano 30 Metri, which was introduced by Azimut Yachts in 2021, has proven to be an instant hit for the Italian company.

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Azimut Grande 36M

Introducing the Azimut 36M: a recent addition to the esteemed Azimut Yachts Grande line, this superyacht represents the pinnacle of maritime luxury and innovation.

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