Wajer yachts for sale

A name that has become synonymous with semi-custom tenders and day yachts, Wajer Yachts is one of the industry’s leading producers of aluminum and GRP Composite yachts measuring up to 24 meters in length.


Wajer yachts: price, specifications and more

Founded in 1992 by Dorus Wajer on the lakes near Amsterdam, the yard is known worldwide for its luxurious open-day boats that focus on the pleasure of outdoor living. With the launch of its debut model, the Captain’s Launch Classic, measuring 7 meters in length, Wajer established a name for itself as a leader in offering premium quality, innovative design, craftsmanship, and performance. Since then, the family-run yard has grown steadily over the years, constructing larger vessels that went on to win awards, such as the Wajer 38. Offering models and custom tenders to match the mother ship, some of their most successful and popular models include the Wajer 55, the Wajer 55S, and their largest yacht to date, the Wajer 77.



Wajer 55

The Wajer 55 is the flagship model of the Dutch shipyard Wajer and represents the highest level of comfort, craftsmanship, and technological advancement. This flagship model is the only one of its kind, and it makes a wonderful addition to any superyacht while yet having enough room to function as a great weekend yacht.

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Wajer 77

The Wajer 77 is one of the best yachts in its class because it combines Wajer’s hallmark design, creativity, and great performance with a luxurious super yacht level of finish. The Wajer 77 is the crown jewel of the Dutch shipyard, offering its owners the highest level of luxury and comfort with the lowest conceivable levels of noise and vibration.

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Wajer 38

Like its bigger sibling, the Wajer 55, the Wajer 38 strikes a nice middle ground between streamlined exterior contours, increased outdoor space, and impregnable protection from the weather.

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