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      Indian Ocean Yacht Charters

      Tantalisingly exotic, bursting with culture, and boasting mesmerising scenery, an Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia luxury yacht charter offers a feast for the senses. Hike tropical jungles, soak up endless sunshine on white sandy beaches, feast on exotic cuisine bursting with flavour, explore coral reefs below azure blue waters, or explore some of the world’s most vibrant cities. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia are yours to discover on your NEXT Yachting adventure.



      During your Seychelles yacht charter, you will be greeted with sun-kissed beaches, verdant palm trees, and crystal-clear oceans. The Seychelles island chain is an increasingly popular charter location for good reason. It is a serene, scenic, and calm tropical yacht charter destination. The natural splendor of these 115 islands has enchanted travelers for many years. The greatest way to explore the sandy beaches is on a NEXT Yachting charter.

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      Awaiting your exploration, the Maldives have been called « the Last Paradise » for their stunning natural landscapes. This spectacular archipelago, found to the southwest of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, is the stuff of tropical fantasies.

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      Learn about Indonesia, a beautiful tropical country that is quickly becoming the next exquisite sailing hotspot. Indonesia, which has the world’s biggest archipelago, is replete with picture-perfect islands, many of which are still deserted.

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