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      Yacht Charter Oman

      Oman is rapidly emerging as one of the hottest luxury charter destinations in the Southeast Arabian Peninsula. Known for its stunning pristine coastline, fascinating past, and beautiful ancient sites, the country promises a rich array of experiences marked by a heightened sense of exclusivity and luxury. The oldest independent state in the Arab world, there is no better way to explore Oman than via a yacht charter.


      Boat Charter Oman

      Combining the best of old-world charm and new-world luxury, Oman’s majestic and welcoming appeal makes it an ideal charter destination. Offering a rich cultural past, breathing natural scenery, and a vibrant abundance of marine life, Oman promises charterers an experience like no other. Spanning the mouth of the Persian Gulf, its stunning, expansive coastline is home to several islands and bays, making it the perfect destination for relaxing under the sun or seeking out water-based activities. From snorkeling and scuba diving to jet-skiing and kayaking, Oman offers it all.


      On land, its spectacular natural landscapes, which strike a beautiful contrast to its cities, are also sure to thrill all visitors. The capital city of Muscat, which means « Safe Anchorage, » is known for its ancient buildings, illuminating mosques, and colorful traditional open-air markets. With a port unlike any in the world, world-class restaurants, and lively nightlife, it is a great place to start or end any NEXT Yachting charter through Oman. To the west lies the Ad-Dimaniyat Islands, a group of nine islands encompassing a magnificent nature reserve overflowing with unspoiled beaches, a tranquil contrast to the capital and an exotic haven waiting to be discovered by you and your guests.


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