Yacht Charter Polynesia

One of the most verdant and calm places in the world, French Polynesia offers endless options for a magical yacht charter. Situated in the Pacific Ocean between South America and Australia, French Polynesia consists of 118 coral and volcanic islands across the Austral, Gambier, Marquesas, Tuamotu, and Society archipelagos that span an area nearly the size of Europe. With few of these islands inhabited, French Polynesia is the perfect tropical yachting destination for charterers looking to unwind on pristine sand beaches in complete privacy. Why not immerse yourself within this exotic haven during your NEXT Yachting getaway and discover a new, exciting destination?

Charter a Yacht in Polynesia

French Polynesia is the ultimate destination to discover via a luxury yacht charter. A wild, natural utopia that remains largely untouched by man, cruise at your own leisure and pace from the island to explore its beautiful lagoons, volcanic peaks, and charming villages. With each archipelago offering its unique set of flora and fauna unlike any other place in the world, it is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and lovers. At the same time, some of the larger islands like Raiatea offer more insights into French Polynesian customs and cultures. Wherever you choose to explore, a NEXT Yachting charter to French Polynesia will leave you yearning to return and see more. 

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