Can you tell us about your journey and what motivated you to start your own yachting company?

I started my career with a franchising group in real estate in 2007, where I played a role in the development of the franchising system and supported the opening of over 20 offices. I was asked to join the yachting department in 2013 where I was appointed Managing director. After Covid we have decided together with the Investor to step out of the franchising business and to rebrand the yachting activity to NEXT Yachting, which stands for a fresh approach to the Yachting industry. After the rebranding the opportunity came across to take over the company. It was a very exciting time and still is today.

What have been the greatest challenges you’ve faced as a woman in a traditionally man-dominated sector, and how have you overcome them?

Yachting is still known as a male driven industry. I believe in a good balance between male and female presence as both have their added value to bring, not only in personal relationships but also in professional relations. Both can bring value as men and women tend to view things from different angles. I also believe we still attach too much attention to gender and age; if somebody is good at their job it doesn’t matter how old or if it’s a he or she. I have always focused on the added value I can bring to a company and I always stayed through to my own values, which has brought me where I am. I hope this will encourage more woman to take a leading role in the Yachting industry.

How do you think woman leadership can bring a unique perspective to the field of yachting?

Yachting has always been a male driven industry, but in recent years we see the increase in woman in higher positions and with a bigger spotlight on their careers in the media. Women see things from a different angle, have more eye for details and thanks to our strong emotional intelligence we bring added value to the table.

Which women have inspired you in your personal and professional journey?

The late Princess Diana is someone I have always admired. She stayed true to herself which is a rare quality to be found among people whose lives are so publicly displayed. Despite the pressure to fit a certain image, she chose to be herself. Her strong character and loving spirit remain iconic till this day.

“From now on, I’m going to own myself and be true to myself. I no longer want to live someone else’ idea of what and who I should be… I’m going to be me.”

How do you manage to balance your professional responsibilities with your personal life, especially in a demanding sector like yachting?

The key is good and efficient time management. I set priorities for my weeks and each day so that I have an overview on what needs to be accomplished. I place my work on completing “projects”, limiting emails and leaving enough time for unexpected things.

I believe the best formula for having a harmonise work-life-balance is working efficiently during your time at work, this means you have more quality outside work and less stress. This is very important so that you also have time to recharge your batteries.  

Besides your career in yachting, what are your hobbies or passions that inspire you daily?

On my personal time, I enjoy cooking for friends, hosting fun dinner parties and hiking in the nature.

As a woman in the yachting industry, what message would you like to send to women who dream of entering this sector?

My message to not only woman, but anyone who wants to jump into the Yachting world is to place a high importance on always staying true to yourself and being passionate in whatever you do. There are many companies and people active in Yachting. Anyone can enter the yachting industry, but only few survive, you need to have an added value and differentiate yourselves from competitors. You also need to have passion. Passion for not only yachting, but for what you do and for your work. This is a key to being selected against the competition. Keep on being focused and don’t deviate.

Managing Partner