Co-founders Anissa Mediouni and Sebastiano Pitasi sit down to share their motivation behind the newly rebranded brokerage.

Why next yachting? 

Anissa: NEXT Yachting aims to give a fresh approach to the yachting industry. We wanted to break free from the cliche of what a yacht broker/brokerage is and change the way clients see them/it.

Sebastiano: Anissa and I share the same vision and, most importantly, the same principles and ethics. We aim to continually exceed expectations and deliver results no matter the challenge. This underpins the ethos at NEXT Yachting.

Anissa: NEXT Yachting will specialise in the 20 to 50 metre range, but our goal is to accompany clients no matter the size of their project or whether they are first-time or experienced yachting clients.

What is the vision behind next yachting? 

Anissa: The vision is to be the change we want to see. That was the motivation for jumping on a new project and taking a risk to show that we are ready, willing and motivated to go the extra mile, even if that means breaking away from our comfort zone.

Sebastiano: Simply said, we are going forward, and we are not looking back.

Where do you hope to take the company?

Sebastiano: The future of NEXT Yachting is to continue to build on the solid basis we have already created, continue to grow our team with people who believe in what we stand for, and share our passion to deliver a service that shows clients what makes us – us.

Anissa: We will be looking for exceptional, ambitious people to join us, ensuring that our team is as strong and dynamic as possible. We want to invest in young people who have a solid yachting basis through continuous training and workshops. Knowledgeable and skilled people are the biggest asset you can have in any industry and company, and we plan to invest in that.

how will next yachting be different from other yacht brokerages?

Anissa: We will strive for quality, not quantity. We want to be a modern yacht brokerage company and showcase our knowledge of the international yacht market. We are taking an approach from the luxury industry that expertly exceeds to surprise and wow its audience. We want to communicate with our clients and craft our service around them and their needs.

Sebastiano: We want to be friendly and approachable while remaining professional. Most importantly, we want to bring the traditional quality service that is expected in the yachting industry in a modernised way.

What does next yachting mean to you both?

Sebastiano: NEXT signifies two things for us, the Next generation of yachting clients. The younger and more dynamic type of clients that we see emerging on the market.

Anissa: The second signification is that we want to be the next choice for all yachting clients unhappy or unsatisfied with their current yacht brokerage company.

Tell us why pink was the primary brand colour used for next yachting?

Sebastiano: Not just pink, but Millennial Pink was the inspiration for NEXT Yachting’s colour palette. It goes hand-in-hand for us with why we choose the name of the company, NEXT.

Anissa: Pink is confident, youthful, and exciting. Millennial Pink is modern and relevant to the current generation. It was important to us to stand out from the traditional colour of blue that is often overused in our industry.

how would you describe next yachting in a couple of words?

Anissa & Sebastiano: Powerful, knowledgeable, inspiring, and authentic.