Imagine yourself waking up in a tropical paradise… When you open the balcony doors, the combined smell of incense and Patchouli tickles your senses… in the distance, you hear the sound of the ancient temple bells and children laughing…

during the day

During the day, your private yacht takes you to some of the world’s most stunning sandy beaches and hidden coves with post-card perfect views. You can snorkel between schools of tropical fishes in the gentle warm water, or maybe you prefer to venture on an afternoon exploring secluded sea caves in your kayak.

in the evening

In the evening, the sunset takes your breath away while you sip on a Lemongrass-infused martini awaiting your gourmet dinner to be prepared by your very own private chef. What’s for dessert? Anything your heart desires. Phuket and the surrounding areas have undergone a mighty transformation, and now is the time to visit.

upcoming event – PHUKET open boat 

Come and join us on 11 – 12 November 2021 in the Phuket Yacht Haven Marina for an afternoon of unique yacht viewings in the harbour. Sample some of the most extraordinary menus prepared by the private chefs onboard and get an authentic glimpse of the yachting lifestyle. 

Phuket Open Boat is an initiative from the enthusiastic community of Phuket-based yachting companies. “We want to support the reopening of Phuket with this unique event, and now is the time as many new visitors will be visiting Thailand thanks to the travel restrictions being lifted. We want to take this opportunity to organize an unforgettable experience for them which highlights all that Phuket and Thailand, in general, have to offer,” expressed Nicole Van de Wall, Asia Brokerage Representative for NEXT Yachting.

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