the breathtaking schooner Trinakria for charter

schooner trinakria for charter

TRINAKRIA was initially designed as a training vessel for the Bulgarian state fisheries school in Varna on the Black Sea. However, her time was brief as she was sold in 1931 to German owners from Hamburg who renamed her CAROLA and converted her into a luxurious sailing yacht at the Schlichting Werft in Travemünde. During this time, she was the biggest private yacht in Germany. 

CAROLA sailed on private cruises on the Elbe and the North Sea. She was then sold again in 1938 to a French yachtsmen member of the Yacht Club de France. In the summer of 1939, she embarked on a scientific cruise, unfortunately, stopped by the outbreak of WWII in September 1939. CAROLA was sent to French Morocco in Casablanca, where she stayed during all the war and the following years, perhaps to save her from possible seizing in these war times. Her French owner decided to sell her in 1951 and called his friend Marin Marie, a famous marine painter and yachtsman, to sail her to Monaco to her new owner. 

Little is known of the boat’s life between 1951 and the ’70s. In 1970, she was sold to a Cannes based yacht captain and started a new life as a charter yacht under the name ZAMOURA, hired for films and cruises nearby Cannes. 

In these days, a mizzen mast was added, changing her to three-mast topsail schooner rigging. She was then sold again in the mid-70s to a Swiss hotel tenant of Zermatt and renamed ZAMOURA of ZERMATT and used as a private yacht based in Cannes and then in Saint Mandrier. She sailed for coastal cruises in the south of France and Italy for twenty years. 

The boat was towed to Agadir in Morocco, where she underwent another refit beginning in 2004 at Chantier Naval HESARO. In March 2012, she sailed to La Rochelle, where a further two years were needed to complete masting and rigging and all works needed to achieve her rebuilding as a charter yacht with all aspects of a classic yacht. In August 2014, TRINAKRIA was ready for sea and first sea trials under sails. TRINAKRIA then sailed to Morocco, Spain, Sicilia, Malta, South Italy, the Adriatic Sea, Greece and south of France. TRINAKRIA was seen attending classic yacht events in Cannes and Saint Tropez. 

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