Ensuring the Right Purchase

Buying the right yacht takes time, knowledge, and expertise. NEXT Yachting offers an experienced guiding hand throughout the yacht acquisition process. Our yachting wisdom combined with our desire to exceed expectations ensures that we connect clients with their ideal yacht. We then flawlessly manage every stage of the yacht acquisition process, giving you peace of mind that no detail has been overlooked. Whether you are looking to buy your first yacht or upgrade an existing yacht, we provide a highly personalised service that works around you.

Our Extensive Portfolio

NEXT Yachting has an enviable portfolio of some of the finest luxury yachts for sale. We specialise in yachts ranging from 20-50 metres plus by the world’s best shipbuilders. Whether you are seeking an elegant sailing yacht or a head-turning superyacht, we can find it for you.

With You All the Way

When it comes to yachting our passion is unrivalled. Our team boasts in-depth industry wisdom to help you choose the right yacht for your lifestyle. We work hand-in-hand with clients throughout each stage of the yacht acquisition process, managing viewings, contract negotiations, and sea trials.