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Offering high-performance yachts for over 30 years, AB Yachts’ dedication to speed, design, and attention to detail has led to their solid reputation within the yachting industry.

Founded in 1992, AB Yachts offers a new approach to cruising by using aircraft build techniques and exceptional propulsion technology to create its yachts. Pioneering the use of water jets to power its yachts, which has become one of their signature features, AB Yachts specialises in semi-custom motor yachts that range from 24 metres to 50 metres in length.

AB yachts: price, specifications and more

Acquired by Fipa Group in 2001, the brand became part of NEXT Yacht Group in 2021, a move which has allowed the brand to continue pushing the boundaries of water-jet propelled vessels. Utilising the latest hull construction technologies, such as advanced composites, resins, and carbon fibre, AB Yachts range includes some notable models, such as the AB 120, which is the largest yacht in the range and the 30m 100 Sportfly, which offers a maximum speed of 59 knots. Approximately 25 knots faster than most high-profile, open maxi yachts in the same size range, this makes it a true standout within the global fleet.



Offering extraordinary performance, handling, and reduced noise and vibration, the AB100 superyacht is an exceptional blend of high-performance technology and contemporary design.

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