Monte Carlo Yachts for sale

Monte Carlo Yachts is a renowned luxury yacht brand that offers a wide range of yachts for sale. With their commitment to elegance, performance, and innovation, Monte Carlo Yachts has become a favorite among discerning yacht enthusiasts worldwide.


Monte Carlo Yachts: price, specifications and more

The yachts offered by Monte Carlo Yachts are available in varying sizes and configurations to cater to different preferences and needs. From compact yachts designed for day trips to spacious, multi-deck yachts for extended cruising, there is a perfect option to suit every requirement. Additionally, the brand offers both motor yachts and sailing yachts, giving customers a diverse range to choose from. In terms of performance, Monte Carlo Yachts delivers exceptional handling and speed, making each journey a thrilling experience. Whether cruising along calm waters or venturing into the open sea, these yachts offer smooth sailing and superior maneuverability. Advanced navigation and propulsion systems further enhance the overall performance, ensuring safety and reliability in any condition.




Monte Carlo Yachts’ latest vessel, the MCY66, is the product of the continuous partnership between the Italian shipyard and the celebrated Nuvolari Lenard design firm.

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The Monte Carlo 6 was released in 2013 and serves as a unique symbol of Monte Carlo’s commitment to accuracy and beauty.

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The Monte Carlo Yachts MCY70, designed in tandem with Nuvolari Lenard, is a floating sanctuary that allows its passengers to treat the water around them as an extension of their home.

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