Wally yachts for sale

Wally Yachts has built over 30 eye-catching superyachts since 1990. These yachts are easily distinguished by their sharp, modern, and challenging hulls. Our brokers highly recommend Wally yachts for purchase and invite visitors to explore the available yachts listed below.

Wally yachts: price, specifications and more

Luca Bassani, a passionate yachtsman and visionary entrepreneur, founded Wally and transformed the concept of cruising yachts, creating an iconic brand in both the yachting industry and the luxury market. Since its inception in 1994, the Monegasque brand has launched unrivaled yachts while constantly innovating the products through an intensive and unique research and development program. In 2019, Wally joined the Ferretti Group.


Wallytender 43

The Wallytender 43 is a prime example of a modern sports cruiser that successfully marries Wally’s signature aesthetic with practicality.

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Wallytender 45

The Wallytender 45 is the Italian builder’s classic tender and day cruiser, preceding the Wallytender 43.

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58 WallyPower

The 58 WallyPower, perhaps the ultimate open sports cruiser on the market today, pays homage to the groundbreaking Wallypower118, introduced by Wally founder Luca Bassani more than 20 years ago.

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52 WallyPower

The 52 WallyPower is the ideal day cruiser, combining all of Wally’s key characteristics in a high-performance, sleek, and comfortable vessel. She is ideal for island exploration, measuring 15.65 meters in length and 1.30 meters in draft.

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    New stunning classic vessel of our sales Fleet


    We’re excited to welcome our newest motor yacht to the fleet.

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    New Sailing member of our sales Fleet


    We’re excited to welcome our newest sailing yacht to the fleet.

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    We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest member of the sales team.

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