Trawler Yachts for Sale

Striking a balance between functionality and adventure, trawler yachts encompass a distinct category of powerful seafaring vessels. More than commercial fishing boats or work vessels, trawlers support and enhance the cruising lifestyle. Providing exceptional sea-keeping abilities, transatlantic range, and an exterior design reminiscent of workboat aesthetics, trawler yachts are more than just your traditional fisher. Typically featuring a stable, full-displacement hull, these yachts offer enhanced living accommodations while at sea, in addition to providing other amenities such as crane systems for launching and retrieving tenders and storage options for jet skis on deck.

Trawlers for Sale

 Prioritising functionality, trawler yachts can rival the luxurious and exclusive features found on flybridge or tri-deck motor yachts, creating an exceptional onboard experience. When considering trawler yachts, evaluating your needs and intended use of the vessel is important. Several popular trawler yacht models include the Nordhavn 120, known for its transatlantic capabilities and luxurious interiors, and the Krogen 55 Expedition, celebrated for its rugged yet elegant design and exceptional cruising abilities. Other shipyards known for their capable trawlers other than Nordhavn and Krogen include Selene and Fleming. Combining functionality, comfort, and seaworthiness, trawler yachts enable discerning owners to confidently embark on remarkable journeys.


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