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      Yacht Charter Bonifacio

      Heed the call of the stunning island of Corsica this season and explore all the beautiful port city of Bonifacio has to offer via a luxury yacht charter. Located at the head of a deep fjord, this stunning natural harbour is surrounded by arched limestone cliffs, rolling green hills, and a mediaeval citadel. Nestled high up on cliffs, seemingly defying gravity, the fortified port of Bonifacio boasts a perfect blend of old-world charm and new cosmopolitan appeal, making it a dream yacht charter destination. While exploring the port during a Bonifacio yacht charter with NEXT Yachting, you can discover the town’s many historic sites, such as the Saint-Dominique church dating back to the 12th-13th centuries with an impressive 15th-century tower and the Pertusatu lighthouse.

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      During your Bonifacio yacht charter, you can wander around the well-preserved fortifications of the Bonifacio Citadel while taking in spectacular views of the port, Old Town, and magnificent coastline. Explore the Old Town’s narrow streets, dotted with historic buildings and churches, before visiting the Bastion de l’Etendard, which houses a small museum with exhibits showcasing the town’s history. Enjoy a walk along the cliffs of Bonifacio down to a tiny beach, followed by a stroll to the marine cemetery at the end, filled with elaborate mausoleums. Once you’ve explored Bonifacio thoroughly, a visit to Îles Lavezzi is a must. This group of small islets is now a designated nature reserve and is famous for the shipwreck of the troopship Sémillante in 1855. Take the tender and cruise among the isles while admiring the magnificent coastal rock formations from the sea. All this and more await you on your NEXT Yachting luxury yacht charter to Bonifacio.

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      South of france

      Escape to the cultured, luxurious and refined South of France during your NEXT Yachting holiday and see firsthand why it remains a favourite among the yachting nobility. Cruising along the French Rivieria will ensure plenty of splendid anchorages, ranging from Monaco to St. Tropez, Cannes, Antibes and Nice.

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      A glistening jewel nestled within the crown of Mediterranean charter destinations, the stunning mountainous island of Corsica retains a unique charm. With over one thousand kilometres of coastline filled with pristine sandy beaches, hidden covers and secluded isles, Corsica is a haven for all outdoor and history lovers. Known for its wondrous natural beauty, filled with rugged, sweeping landscapes and fascinating culture made up of French and Italian influences.

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      Porto Vecchio

      Indulge in a yacht excursion to Porto Vecchio, Corsica, and cruise the sparkling Mediterranean seas encircling the island. Yacht charters out of Porto Vecchio are the best way to take in Corsica’s fascinating history and culture, as the harbor is generally regarded as one of the most gorgeous and photogenic in all of Corsica.

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