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      Yacht Charter St. Barts

      Elegant beaches, sophisticated bars, and chic restaurants set against the backdrop of green, luscious hills await you on your NEXT Yachting charter to St. Barts. Favoured among experienced sailors, international jetsetters and A-listers, this exclusive French isle in the Caribbean is known for its balmy climate, smooth currents and glistening waters. The capital city of Gustavia is home to a picturesque port and beautiful architecture which reflects the island’s Swedish heritage. Offering many fine-dining establishments, luxury stores and historical sites, this includes the famous 17th-century Fort Gustav, perched above the town and overlooks Shell Beach and the historic Wall House Museum.


      Boat Charter St. Barts

      With 22 pristine sandy beaches lining its coastline, St. Barts offers plenty of excellent spots for sunbathing, swimming and diving. A volcanic island, many of its beaches are located within nature reserves and parks, which protect the various species of coral reefs, tropical fish and marine life living in the water. Some, like Anse de Colombier, are only accessible by foot or boat, making them the ideal location for an afternoon of relaxation in complete seclusion. An island of tropical leisure and luxury, a yacht charter to St Barts with NEXT Yachting will ensure you soak up everything the island has to offer.


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