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      Yacht Charter MEDITERRANEAN

      Home to some of the most magnificent and leading yachting destinations in the world, the Mediterranean is a stunning area to explore via a luxury yacht charter. The West Mediterranean has firmly cemented its reputation, encompassing leading cruising hotspots like the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the French Riviera in France and the Balearic Islands in Spain. Promising to astound visitors with its stunning landscapes, sophisticated cities and fine-dining options, adventure and glamour experiences await you during your NEXT Yachting vacation through the West Med.


      Over to the East, otherworldly locations like the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, the Ionian and Cyclades Islands of Greece and the Aegean Sea offer an intoxicating blend of rich history, spectacular sceneries and fascinating cultures. Explore the East Mediterranean’s glistening waters, secluded coves and beautiful beaches in complete luxury during your NEXT Yachting charter experience. 




      Unspoiled wild landscapes, beautiful islands and turquoise waters are waiting for you in Croatia. Nicknamed the ‘pearl’ of the Adriatic, the Dalmatian coastline is one of the most pristine, magical and stunning stretches in the Mediterranean.

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      Cyprus is a beautiful island with warm, golden sands and blue waters. The unique culture of this stunning Mediterranean island is a fusion of Eastern and Western ideas.

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      Greek charters attract guests with a multitude of advantages. Wild rocks and rare places in the waters are accessible by boats, allowing to enjoy the gifts of nature. The water around the islands is crystal clear and is inviting to enjoy relaxing swimming in the sun before a joyful party in an outdoor beach club.

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      Italy has long been one of the most visited charter destinations. The stunning beauty of the Amalfi Coast provides opportunities to admire breathtaking sunrises and sunsets from the seaside. In addition to nature, stepping off the yacht, guests can indulge in Italian dishes and wines that contend for the title of the most sophisticated in the world.

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      When chartering a boat in Malta, it pays to stray from the typical Mediterranean cruising grounds and instead explore the historic European charm of the island. This picturesque island charter location is a part of the magnificent Maltese archipelago and has some of the world’s most breathtaking diving spots.

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      Montenegro has 300 kilometers of coastline that is unmatched in beauty, so skip the typical Mediterranean cruising grounds and check it out instead. This Balkan nation is quickly becoming a popular spot for luxury boat charters thanks to the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, sunny skies, and breathtaking scenery.

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      South of france

      Escape to the cultured, luxurious and refined South of France during your NEXT Yachting holiday and see firsthand why it remains a favourite among the yachting nobility. Cruising along the French Rivieria will ensure plenty of splendid anchorages, ranging from Monaco to St. Tropez, Cannes, Antibes and Nice.

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      Set sail with NEXT Yachting for a trip of opulence around the sophisticated and attractive coast of Spain. A yacht charter to Spain is your ticket to the fascinating cities, beautiful islands, stunning scenery, and lively culture of this dynamic country. The Spanish east coast is a popular destination for yachters because it is considered one of the most picturesque parts of the Western Mediterranean.

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      Experience the full impact of Turkey’s ancient wonders and magical allure on your NEXT yachting excursion. The best way to see the stunning coastline of Turkey is on a private yacht cruise around the Turquoise Coast. Turkey’s surroundings provide a spectacular contrast to the shimmering, blue waters.

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