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      Yacht Charter Corfu

      Corfu, a Greek island, is an excellent location for a yacht charter. Corfu is so desired that several generations have waited in line to own it. Many conquerors brought to the island’s culture and life a plethora of subtleties and nuances that modern travelers find appealing, ranging from a mingling of languages and culinary experiments to monumental and sophisticated architecture. Corfu is dotted with villages and towns that have been converted into resorts. There are over 20 of them on the island, and they all have good infrastructure; families will have a great time here.


      Magnificent resorts of Corfu

       The main distinction between those resorts is their distance from the capital; there is also a noticeable difference in the beaches, water temperature, and views. The resorts of Corfu’s northeastern region also merge into one continuous row of bliss on the coast of the now-restored Ionian Sea. Ipsos and Gouvia with their beach bars are ideal for those seeking relaxation and fun. Dassia, Nissaki, Barbati, and Kontokali are all close to Kerkyra and are ideal for those seeking a relaxing vacation with their families.


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      Greek charters attract guests with a multitude of advantages. Wild rocks and rare places in the waters are accessible by boats, allowing to enjoy the gifts of nature. The water around the islands is crystal clear and is inviting to enjoy relaxing swimming in the sun before a joyful party in an outdoor beach club.

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      Whitewashed buildings, azure-domed roofs, and flower-filled terraces set against beautiful cliff sides have drawn in visitors for centuries to the island of Mykonos. One of the most idyllic and romantic islands in all of the Cyclades Islands, the island is the perfect destination to explore via a yacht charter.

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