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      Yacht Charter Capri

      The Amalfi coastline is indeed home to several stunning destinations, but perhaps none as remarkable as Capri. And the extraordinary beauty of Capri is best explored via a charter yacht. There is no better way to admire its wild, raw landscaped, staggering cliffs, turquoise waters and pastel-coloured houses covered in bougainvillaea than from the open waters. 


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      Known for its traditional Mediterranean appeal mixed with a sense of elegance and refinement, its charming towns, Capri and Anacapri, offer different tastes of the idyllic Italian lifestyle. From high-end shopping to state-of-the-art marinas, a thriving nightlife scene to quaint cafes, hidden stores and winding cobblestone streets, each town features its own experience. Surrounded by lush, green hillsides and forests, the island is also a natural haven.  A Capri yacht charter adventure with NEXT Yachting will ensure you indulge in everything this unique island has to offer in complete luxury.


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      Italy has long been one of the most visited charter destinations. The stunning beauty of the Amalfi coast offers to meet breathtaking sunrises and sunsets from the sea side. In addition to nature, by getting off the yacht guests can enjoy Italian dishes and Italian wines that can compete for the title of the most complex in the world.

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      Greek charters attract guests with a multitude of advantages. Wild rocks and rare places in the waters are accessible by boats, allowing to enjoy the gifts of nature. The water around the islands is crystal clear and is inviting to enjoy relaxing swimming in the sun before a joyful party in an outdoor beach club.

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