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      Yacht Charter Portofino

      Embark on a unique luxury getaway along the Italian Riviera through a Portofino yacht charter. Portofino is a charming former fishing village that has maintained its authentic allure over the years while offering visitors a taste of the finer things in life. Home to stunning architecture, a harbour and stores, the town also features several fascinating historical sites, like Castello Brown, a military fortress which dates back to the 16th century and the Abbey of San Fruttuoso, a former Benedictine monastery dating back to the 11th century. 

      the gem of the Italian riviera

      Offering one-of-a-kind views on the region’s colourful past, learn more about the history of the Abbey and the Doria family while admiring the stunning landscape as you stroll through the green hillsides just outside the town. Portofino is surrounded by rich hillsides and woodlands, making it an ideal location for a trek or hike. From its beautiful traditional pastel-coloured buildings to its renowned dining options and luxury shopping boutiques, Portofino remains a gem of the Italian Riviera. It is perfect for exploring during a luxury yacht charter with NEXT Yachting.

      the perfect place for watersports

      In addition to its beautiful landscapes, the crystal-clear waters surrounding this seaside town remain a big draw for water lovers. The area surrounding Portofino is the ideal place to indulge in all types of watersports, from paddleboarding to kitesurfing. It is also favoured for its numerous diving sites, including the marine park where one can see the famous Cristo Degli Abissi, a submerged bronze statue in the waters in front of the Abbey San Fruttuoso. Sunken in honour of those who lost their lives at sea, this statue is located around 40 metres underwater. It is surrounded by colourful reefs and a plethora of marine life – perfect for divers of all levels. Experience this and more during a Portofino yacht charter with NEXT Yachting, an experience where culture and allure come together in one stunning location.

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      Italy has long been one of the most visited charter destinations. The stunning beauty of the Amalfi coast offers to meet breathtaking sunrises and sunsets from the sea side. In addition to nature, by getting off the yacht guests can enjoy Italian dishes and Italian wines that can compete for the title of the most complex in the world.

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      The Amalfi coastline is indeed home to several stunning destinations, but perhaps none as remarkable as Capri. And the extraordinary beauty of Capri is best explored via a charter yacht.

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      Sardinia’s spectacular island awaits you with soft sandy beaches surrounded by glistening emerald waters, jagged cliff sides, and hidden rocky coves. This stunning Italian island, with over 2,000 kilometers of sprawling coastline, is praised for its natural beauty, exclusive amenities, and rich history.

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