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      Yacht Charter Palma de Mallorca

      The glistening jewel in the crown of the Balearic Islands, discover the beauty of Palma with a NEXT Yachting charter yacht. The largest city and the capital of the Balearic Islands in Spain, Palma is a dream yachting destination offering everything you’d want to experience during a charter through this stunning Spanish island chain. Located on the island of Mallorca (Majorca), Palma is favored for its beautiful weather, stunning architecture, and spectacular landscapes. Offering an ideal blend of modern-day appeal with traditional lifestyle, this coastal resort city is home to a large historic port and hosts several yachting events each year. A maritime superyacht hub, there is no better way to explore Palma de Mallorca than through a NEXT Yachting charter.



      A historic island

      Steeped in rich history, ancient traditions, and old-world charm, the city of Palma, dates back to the first millennium. With numerous historical landmarks and sites to explore, be sure to take in the huge cathedral of Santa Maria, a Gothic landmark with roots that date back to the 13th century, which overlooks the Bay of Palma. The adjacent Almudaina Moorish-style Arab fortress, which has been converted into a royal residence, makes for a fascinating visit. The Bellver Castle, a medieval fortress located on a hilltop west of the city, is known for its distinctive circular design and breathtaking views. In addition to its heritage appeal, Palma is the spot for high-end dining and shopping, with plenty of gourmet restaurants and exclusive stores. What better way to immerse yourself in all its cultural offerings than by booking a private charter yacht to Palma with NEXT Yachting?



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      Greek charters attract guests with a multitude of advantages. Wild rocks and rare places in the waters are accessible by boats, allowing to enjoy the gifts of nature. The water around the islands is crystal clear and is inviting to enjoy relaxing swimming in the sun before a joyful party in an outdoor beach club.

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      Set sail with NEXT Yachting for a trip of opulence around the sophisticated and attractive coast of Spain. A yacht charter to Spain is your ticket to the fascinating cities, beautiful islands, stunning scenery, and lively culture of this dynamic country. The Spanish east coast is a popular destination for yachters because it is considered one of the most picturesque parts of the Western Mediterranean.

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      Set sail for Ibiza, a staple among Western Mediterranean sailing hotspots. Ibiza, a Spanish island in the Balearic group, has everything you might want for your next yachting vacation. Ibiza is the island of choice for a VIP yacht charter because of its world-famous fine dining restaurants, pubs, and clubs, and its famed nightlife.

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